Statistics prove it. Traditional music lessons are boring and uninspiring. Our approach is different. First choose your instrument & desired lesson length/frequency. Now choose a style that fits you best. One on one, groups, or our exciting performance series which combines one on one lessons with a group/band experience too. There are many options to help you find your inner rockstar.


RockStar performance program makes learning fun. Each week our students are working on music they know and love. Yes, we teach theory. Yes, they learn to read music. Yes, it’s one on one, individualized learning. What makes it unique is once a month, our students join forces in a band of their own and play and perform the very songs they have learned that month. Every few months, our RockStar bands perform a live concert in our very own, RockStar performance Center.




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Piano/Keyboard Instructor/General Manager

Guitar/Bass Instructor

Vocal Instructor

Guitar Instructor

Drum Instructor

Guitar/Violin Instructor

Ukulele/Guitar Instructor

Piano/Vocal Instructor


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STEVE - FOUNDER - Born in Chicago and raised in the San Francisco bay area, BASS is Steve's middle name. Since 1985, Steve has been laying down the groove for a wide variety of musical projects. From arena style rock to contemporary collaborations to modern country music, Steve has been there and ROCKED that! His rhythmic sensibility and melodic approach coupled with extensive recording, performing and touring experience are all important elements in delivering the very best musical education for you and your family. At Rockstar Music Academy we don't just teach music, we live it and love it.

Rockstar Music Academy is fortunate to have an amazing array of premiere players ready to show you what makes them rock. Meet the Director of our drumming division and instructor extraordinaire… Karen!!! Karen grew up in a musical family and from the age of 10 she toured northern California with her family band playing songs from the 50’s 60’s and top 40’s. She has performed at multiple locations across California and she was even sponsored by Coca Cola. Karen appeared on cable and television programming weekly and received music scholarships for outstanding achievement on multiple occasions. Over the years Karen has polished her craft by studying under drum masters such as Benny Greb, David Garibaldi, Mike Johnston, and Tony Dey. She is continually growing as a player by learning new linear patterns, independence exercises, permutations, poly-rhythms, world grooves, and the coolest show off licks.

Playing the drums is Karen’s passion and teaching the drums is what she loves to do. Her joy stems from helping students to reach their drumming goals and potential. With Rockstar Music Academy and drum lessons with Karen…. There are no limits!

Perhaps it’s her B.A. in music AND her MA in music both with a keyboard emphasis. Could it be her impressive collection of awards, recognition and accomplishments? Maybe it’s her endless hours spent honing and perfecting her craft under some of music’s most seasoned artists. IT’S ALL OF THAT!! Plus Britta’s endless passion to both creatively perform and continually learn make her the best option to help guide you on your musical journey. Whether you are new to the keys or a seasoned pianist, Britta will help you take your game to the NEXT LEVEL! And if that is not enough, she also rocks (and teaches) the double bass. Book a lesson with Britta today!

MEET MARS – GUITAR AND BASS INSTRUCTOR – ROCKSTAR MUSIC ACADEMY - Mars is a career musician who has performed with Jazz, Rock & Metal bands as well as with symphony orchestras in The US and Canada over the last 30 years. He retired from a decade long stint as a film composer in 2015 with over 40 feature films, documentaries, and short films to his credit. His music has been heard in TV shows on networks such as MTV, VH1, The History Channel and the SyFy Channel. A multi-instrumentalist, Mars is ready to share his musical knowledge and real life experience with you. Call Rockstar Music Academy at 916-409-2166 and book a lesson with Mars today.

MEET ROSE – VOCAL INSTRUCTOR – ROCKSTAR MUSIC ACADEMY - A Sacramento native, Rose is a master vocal coach and an incredibly innovative teacher. Her vocal stylings have been featured in TV on Good Day Sacramento, on the soulful stage of the Cotton Club in Harlem all the way to the big lights of Carnegie Hall in the big apple, New York. Rose has an impressive teaching resume with years of experience that include leading several children’s choirs. She’s even been at home plate singing the national anthem at our Sacramento Rivercats baseball games. Her amazing range and ability to convey her knowledge and passion for music to her students is priceless on their musical journeys. When she is not teaching, you can always catch Rose with her band The Imported on local stages everywhere. Call Rockstar Music Academy at 916-409-2166 and book a lesson with Rose today.

MEET PARKER – GUITAR INSTRUCTOR – ROCKSTAR MUSIC ACADEMY - Born in San Diego and raised right here in Lincoln CA, Parker is a hometown guitar hero. His roots are in Lincoln but his music reaches the world!

Parker and his band Flight Mongoose won the 2018 Sammie (Sacramento Area Music) award in the best indie rock band category that covers the entire Sacramento region. Whether it’s the Whiskey in Los Angeles, Kelly’s Olympian in Portland Oregon, the California State Fair or any other countless venues, Parker has always brings the magic.

With a unique flair for guitar, Parkers style is both groovy and approachable, while still having a melodic sophistication that only comes from years of genre hopping. His influences run from old school Hendrix and the Beatles to the Black Keys and Twin Peaks. He can rock it all.
Parker’s years of teaching experience are ready to help you find your inner rock star too!! Call Rockstar Music Academy at 916-409-2166 and book a lesson with Parker today.

MEET MIKEY – DRUM INSTRUCTOR – ROCKSTAR MUSIC ACADEMY - After receiving a drum set in the seventh grade Mikey knew his calling. He started playing along to favorite artists, learning technique and rhythm, and instantly wanted to join a rock band. It wasn’t long after that he was writing original drum parts and looking to drummers such as John Bonham, Tre Cool, Dave Grohl, Chad Smith, and the like for inspiration. He began playing with all types of people and explored all different styles of music. When he is not dropping big beats here at Rockstar you can catch Mikey and his band Nanday Lane both live and on Spotify. Call Rockstar Music Academy at 916-409-2166 and book a lesson with Mikey today.

MEET ANTONIO – GUITAR AND VIOLIN INSTRUCTOR – ROCKSTAR MUSIC ACADEMY - Style, class, and confidence are just a few of the characteristics that come to mind when people hear Antonio play. As an artist, Antonio’s journey has cultivated an organic, unorthodox relationship with an instrument whose history is deeply rooted in classical music. 

Since the age of 2.5 Antonio, the son of a diplomat had the opportunity to study violin in Spain, Belgium and throughout Thailand, Korea and Japan. His education and performances and influences span the globe.
Over the years, Antonio has expanded his repertoire to include all styles of guitar as well. You can find Antonio and his band performing on stages all around NorCal and beyond.

His knowledge of all things strings is incredible.
Antonio is a passionate and resilient visionary with an unwavering dedication to his craft. Allow his years of performing and teaching to help guide you to your inner Rockstar.  Call Rockstar Music Academy at 916-409-2166 and book a lesson with Antonio today.

MEET DAVID – GUITAR AND UKULELE INSTRUCTOR – ROCKSTAR MUSIC ACADEMY – It’s more than a lesson. It’s a connection. Growing up in both Northern California and on the beautiful island of Kauai, David set his sights on music at an early age. His proficiency on a wide range of instruments brings a distinct crossover flair to David’s style. Whether it’s the piano, uke, guitar, bass or even the French horn, David has it down. His musicianship is just the tip of the iceberg…he is also a skilled actor, dancer and singer and performs with his band on Sacramento stages everywhere. To top it off, music is in David’s blood. He is the cousin of the late, great ukulele strummer Iz Kamakawiwoʻole. Yes…That Iz (Somewhere over the Rainbow). Call the Rockstar Music Academy at 916-409-2166 and schedule a lesson with David today.

MEET SIERRA – VOCAL AND PIANO INSTRUCTOR – ROCKSTAR MUSIC ACADEMY – Sierra was born for the THEATRE stage!! Originally from the 916, Sierra has spent most of the last decade performing professionally on the musical east coast. Armed with her classically trained voice and her BA in Musical Theatre from the Point Park Conservatory of Performing Arts her projects have included the premiere engagement of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Pittsburgh Musical Theatre), a national tour with the Missoula Childrens Theatre (Peter and Wendy) and several off Broadway cabaret shows in New York City. Her unique background also includes helping students with jaw and neck tension, diagnosed TMJ, breath control and singing for audition preparation too. If the stage calls you, it’s time to call Sierra. Call the Rockstar Music Academy at 916-409-2166 and schedule a lesson with Sierra today.