The Beginning Strings program is perfect for students who wish to study a string instrument through a curriculum that includes group classes and performance opportunities, plus smaller group lessons (sections) as well.
Our highly experienced teachers work to help students develop a joy and love of music through education and performance. This is a wonderful opportunity for youth interested in music to grow in a supportive, engaging environment.

No Experience Necessary



This amazing program continues to develop & extend musicianship and music literacy. Emphasis is placed on developing the concepts of tone production, stylistic performance, and ensemble awareness. Ensemble skills become more developed as students participate in intermediate-level settings. Through playing, improvising, and writing, students create melodic & rhythmic variations. They describe musical concepts, respond to music, investigate music’s relationship to other disciplines, and analyze various cultures, musical styles, composers, and historical periods.

Audition Required



The Premier Symphony Orchestra (PSO) is the premier ensemble of the Rockstar program. PSO is a full orchestra that performs standard, professional-level orchestral repertoire, including complete symphonies, concertos and overtures. Members of PSO also have the opportunity to perform non-western repertoire and new music by contemporary composers. PSO performs live several times annually at all types of venues and events. While PSO members are (on average) high school age, placement in PSO is ultimately based on the current ability level of each student.

Audition Required